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The research we do at AIWaves

✨ Highlights

  • Agents: An Open-source Framework for Autonomous Agents (paper, Github, website, YouTube)

  • RecurrentGPT: Interactive Generation of (Arbitrarily) Long Text (paper,  GitHub,  YouTube)

  • InstructCTG: Controlled Text Generation with Natural Language Instructions (paper)

  • BWB: An open-source Parallel Web Novel Dataset (paper, analysis paper, Github)

  • DynaICL: Efficient Prompting via Dynamic In-Context Learning (paper)

  • EfficientVLM: Fast and Accurate Vision-Language Models via Knowledge Distillation and Modal-adaptive Pruning (paper)

📜 Others

  • Interactive natural language processing (paper)

  • Commonsense Knowledge Transfer for Pre-trained Language Models (paper)

  • Modular Transformers: Compressing Transformers into Modularized Layers for Flexible Efficient Inference (paper)

  • Efficiently Tuned Parameters are Task Embeddings (paper)

  • BERT learns to teach: Knowledge distillation with meta-learning (paper)

  • BlonDe: An Automatic Evaluation Metric for Document-level MachineTranslation (paper, Github)

  • Autoregressive Structured Prediction with Language Models (paper)

  • Not All Metrics Are Guilty: Improving NLG Evaluation with LLM Paraphrasing (paper)

  • Poor Man's Quality Estimation: Predicting Reference-Based MT Metrics Without the Reference (paper)

  • ...

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